If you want to keep track of your time and have a stylish look while doing it, then you should consider a watch from the Relic brand of watches. Relic watches are made for the fashion-conscious individuals who do not want to spend so much on accessories.

The Relic watches by Fossil Company come in a variety of designs. These designs range from analog, digital, and hybrid watches, among others. There are also Titanium brands.

History Of Relic Watches

The Fossil Company makes the Relic watches. Fossil started making watches in the mid-80s. They made their watches depending on the current trends. At first, their watches were quite expensive, and people looked at them as jewelry rather than watches that could be used practically.

Fossil responded to this and tried to reach a bigger market by coming up with the Relic line of watches. The relic watches were similar to the Fossil watches, but they were to be sold at lower prices. The watches are very similar in design, and the difference came in the quality of material used in making them.

Are Relic Watches Good?

Relic watches are made to be attractive and affordable. They are designed for the teens and young adults who may want to have a stylish watch but do not have the budget. The components of the watch are not made of a material that is used to make high-end watches.

In that case, the watch has a lifespan of about five years when it is lightly used. In the first to the second year, the upper coating may start discoloring. However, the inner components will not break down that fast.

Relic Watch Making Process

The Relic watches design is supposed to be innovative but at the same time, vintage.

Although the brand is American, the Relic watches are made and assembled in China and the APAC region. This is supposed to lower the production cost and by extension, the retail price.

Relic Warranty

The Relic brand of watches come with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. You must show a receipt, or a dealer stamp to proof a purchase. The warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects.

The watch movements, hands, and dial are the only components covered by the warranty during the warranty period. The covered component can be repaired or the watch replaced.

However, the warranty does not cover the upper coating of the watch that becomes discolored fast. It also does not cover damage from improper handling and accidents and water damage if care instructions were not followed.


Relic Watches Review
Relic Watches Review


The Price Of Relic Watches

Most Relic watches cost below $100. This is because they are designed to be stylish and affordable at the same time. High-end Relic watches can also be found in the range of $100-$150.

For example, Matilda Quartz Metal Watch costs around $35.99 on Amazon. Ryan Quartz Stainless Steel Diamond Accent Dress Watch costs around $77.99 on Amazon.

Is Relic A Watch For You?

If you want to look stylish and fashionable at a considerably low budget, then a Relic watch is what you should get. It is definitely the watch for you.


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