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The Double-Lid Donabe Rice Cooker Kamado-San is a specialized Japanese rice cooker. The two lids allow for even steam distribution, ensuring that the rice cooks evenly and perfectly every time. This style of donabe also ensures that moisture remains locked in, resulting in fluffy and fragrant cooked rice every time.

It has a long handle for easy carrying, as well as an enameled clay interior which holds heat better than many other materials used to construct traditional cooking vessels. Additionally, the double lid design makes it possible to cook multiple types of food at once – such as fish or vegetables alongside the rice – without flavors mixing together. The versatility offered by this donabe allows for numerous creative dishes to be made with ease.

Cooking rice with a double-lid donabe rice cooker known as Kamado-San is one of the most ancient and traditional ways to prepare delicious, fluffy Japanese rice. This style of cooking has been around for centuries in Japan and it still remains popular today. The Kamado-San is an earthenware pot that utilizes two lids to steam the grains from within.

It creates a unique texture that can’t be achieved by any other type of cooking method.The double lid design allows for uniform heat distribution throughout the entire bowl which ensures even cooking and prevents the grain from sticking together or burning at certain spots. This is especially useful when preparing sticky types of sushi such as maki rolls or chirashizushi (scattered sushi).

Additionally, this design helps preserve all the nutrients in your meal since no direct heat touches them during preparation. Plus, since it seals tightly shut while you cook, there won’t be any unpleasant odors escaping into your kitchen!

Plain Donabe Rice – Japanese & Donabe Cooking

How Do You Cook Rice in a Kamado San?

Cooking rice in a Kamado SAN is an easy and delicious way to enjoy this classic side dish. The Kamado SAN, a Japanese-style ceramic kamado grill, provides the perfect environment for perfectly cooked rice every time. Here are some tips on how to cook rice in your Kamado SAN for the best result:

1. Gather Your Ingredients: To get started, you will need short or medium grain white or brown rice (or any other type of whole grain variety), water and salt (optional). Measure out two parts liquid to one part dry ingredients – so if you’re using 1 cup of uncooked rice, measure out 2 cups of water.2. Prepare the Rice: Rinse the raw grains with cold running water until all traces of dirt have been removed from them; this helps remove impurities that would otherwise affect its flavor and texture when cooked in a kamado grill.

If desired add salt to taste while rinsing the grains – this adds flavor as well as help keep them from sticking together when cooking!

How Do You Use a Donabe Rice Cooker?

Cooking delicious Japanese dishes using a donabe rice cooker is an easy and efficient way to prepare meals for your family or friends. The donabe, also known as an earthenware pot, has been used in Japan for centuries to cook everything from soups and stews to steamed vegetables and fish.To use a donabe rice cooker, start by measuring out the appropriate amount of water for the amount of rice you’re cooking.

Make sure not to fill it too full or else the water may spill over when you put it on the stovetop later. Once you have measured out the right quantity of water, add in your desired type of rice (white or brown). Then place the lid on top of the pot and set it aside while you bring a large pot filled with enough water so that when combined with your pre-measured cupful inside your donabe will be fully submerged.

Once boiling, carefully lower your donabe into the larger pot making sure that all sides are completely immersed in hot water before placing a lid on top.

Can You Use Donabe on Grill?

Grilling is a popular cooking method, and donabe can be used to grill food in many ways. Donabe are ceramic pots that have been traditionally used in Japan for centuries as a way to cook rice or other dishes over an open flame. Nowadays, these versatile vessels can also be used to grill food on the stovetop, oven, or even outdoors on a charcoal grill.

The main advantage of using donabe for grilling is that it helps retain moisture and flavour better than metal pans or grills do. This is because the porous clay walls allow steam and heat to circulate more evenly throughout the pot – locking in natural juices and preventing burning. Additionally, since donabe pots come with lids, you can control how much smoke you want your meal to absorb by simply covering it during cooking.

When using your donabe as a grilling vessel on either gas/charcoal barbecues or wood-fired grills, keep these tips in mind:• Preheat your donabe before putting any food inside; this will help prevent cracking due to sudden temperature changes.

Can You Sear in a Donabe?

Donabe, or traditional Japanese clay pots, are a versatile and beloved kitchen tool. The donabe is often used to make various rice dishes like ochazuke and zosui as well as hotpots like nabemono. But can you also use it for searing?

The short answer is yes! Donabe are excellent for searing meats and vegetables because the thick walls of the pot help retain heat. This allows you to get an even sear on whatever food you’re cooking without burning it.

You’ll want to preheat your donabe over medium-high heat until it’s very hot before adding oil—this will ensure that everything cooks evenly.In addition to searing, donabes can be used for other high-temperature cooking techniques such as roasting and sautéing. The thick walls prevent food from burning while still allowing them to brown nicely on the outside.

This makes them particularly suitable for foods that require quick but precise cooking such as tender cuts of meat or fish fillets that need only a few minutes over high heat in order to become juicy and flavorful inside while developing a nice crust on the outside.

Double-Lid Donabe Rice Cooker Kamado-San


Kamado-San Recipes

Kamado-San is the perfect way to create delicious meals that are both healthy and flavorful. Developed in Japan, Kamado-San cooking utilizes an ancient clay pot known as a “kamado” which allows for slow and steady heat distribution, allowing for consistent cooking results with minimal effort. These unique cookers also allow you to enjoy barbecuing without having to worry about smoke or flareups from open flames.

With its versatility, many chefs have created unique recipes specifically developed for this type of cooker.One of the most popular Kamado-San dishes is Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs. This dish begins by marinating boneless chicken breasts in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, garlic powder, ginger powder and sesame oil overnight in the refrigerator.

Once it has been marinated overnight, skewer four pieces of chicken onto each bamboo stick then sprinkle lightly with salt or black pepper if desired. Grill them over indirect heat on your kamado until they reach an internal temperature between 165°F – 170°F (roughly 8 minutes per side). Serve with grilled vegetables or white rice and teriyaki sauce on the side for dipping!

Kamado-San Donabe Rice Cooker

If you’re looking for a unique way to cook your rice, look no further than the Kamado-San Donabe Rice Cooker. This traditional Japanese earthenware pot has been used for centuries to prepare flavorful, fragrant meals. The cooker is designed with an inner clay lining and an outer ceramic shell that helps to retain heat and steam.

It can be used on gas or electric stoves, as well as over open flames.The design of the Kamado-San Donabe Rice Cooker allows it to distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking vessel, resulting in perfectly cooked rice every time. Its thick layers of clay also help keep moisture inside while locking in flavor and nutrients from ingredients such as vegetables or fish.

Additionally, because this type of pot does not require a lot of water when cooking rice compared to other methods such as boiling, it results in a more concentrated flavor profile that many people prefer.Because it is made from natural materials like clay and ceramic rather than metal or plastic like modern cookers are made out of these days, this type of pot is more eco-friendly than its contemporary counterparts – making them great for those who care about their environmental impact!

Kamado-San Rice Cooker

Have you ever heard of the Kamado-San Rice Cooker? This revolutionary rice cooker is taking the cooking world by storm with its innovative technology and features. If you’re looking for a way to cook perfect, delicious rice every time, then this is definitely something worth checking out!

The Kamado-San Rice Cooker uses a unique process called “Kamado Cooking” to achieve perfectly cooked rice in just minutes. The device works by combining several different technologies such as an electric heat source, ceramic pottery elements, and a specially designed lid that creates steam within the vessel. As it cooks your rice, it also seals in flavor and nutrients so that each grain comes out tasting better than ever before.

One of the best things about this product is that it has multiple settings so you can tailor your cooking experience based on what type of food you’re making. For example, if you want fluffy white or brown jasmine rice then there are specific pre-programmed settings available for those types of grains. On top of that, there are also general settings like simmering soup or boiling water which will save time when preparing meals quickly.


If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to cook your rice, look no further than the Double-Lid Donabe Rice Cooker Kamado-San! This revolutionary cooker comes with two lids that lock in moisture while cooking – so your rice will be perfectly cooked every time. Plus, its unique shape allows it to fit snugly on top of a regular stovetop burner, making it incredibly convenient.

And if you’re worried about cleaning up afterwards? Don’t be – the nonstick coating makes it a breeze! So what are you waiting for?

Invest in one today and enjoy delicious, perfectly cooked rice every single time.



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