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If you are already familiar with Luminox, you must know, to get their elegant watches, you have to count big money. This review is going to make that thought wrong because the Leather Back Sea Turtle Giant 0333 comes at a less amount of price, unlike their other watches. You may see analysis report about luminox watch review. 

But still, is it worth your attention? Or, are there any built-in compromises to minimize the price tag? That is all; I am going share about with you through this Luminox watch review.

About Luminox

Luminox is a sports watch company that was founded in 1989 when two forward thinkers and innovators, Barry Coen and Richard Timbo, started to collaborate. With a prime motto of manufacturing watches that would be more visible and readable, this Swiss company is making watches that will last up to 25 years.

Best watch brand
Best watch brand

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LuminoxLeatherBack Sea Turtle Giant 0333 Sports Watch

When the watch came to my hand, the first thing that I like is the military-grade box, which perfectly suits the standard of the brand.After wearing it, trust me, it never felt like I have paid less than the regular Luminox watches ask for. So, in that thought, thanks to Luminox.

LuminoxLeatherBack Sea Turtle Giant 0333 Specifications

Brand Luminox
Model 0333
Band Nylon
Band-width 22mm
Band Color Black
Case diameter 44mm
Case Thickness 12mm
Clasp Tang Buckle
Dial Mineral
Display Analog
Dial color Black
Shape Round
Weight 3.53-Ounce

Standout Features

Got a glance? Well, then it’s the time to discuss the features that I love the most about the Giant 0333.

·        Durable Engineering

In every portion of the LeatherBack 0333, you will see a high-quality material touch.Luminox made in a way that can resist water, corrosion and yet, perform better at the same time.

Since the dial window is made of mineral, there won’t be any step of scratch even when having heavy usages.

Nevertheless, the band is made of nylon so that it will ensure long last beside the comfort of the hand. The band is also added with brushed stainless steel, which gives it protection against rust.

·        Symbolic Design

The Sea Turtle Giant genuinely worth the name. Its green and black color combo is the perfect fit for both students and casual comers. As far as my concern, it looks actually more like carbonblack than the regular black.

Since the majestic design of the Sea Turtle Giant 0333 is more youth-friendly, I would not prefer it for officials. But for any gender, it deserves a thump up.

·        Visibility and Battery

People buy Luminox watches, not for only design. The core attraction of their watches is self-powered illumination. You might know, the technology behind the watch is also introduced by the company first. The rotating bezel it has illuminates at every 12 on the watch.

Luminox 0333 battery comes with a lifetime of 50 months in a row. It’s been tested, so no worries.

·        Perfect Fitting

The case diameter of 44 mm and the case thickness is 12 mm, which makes it an ideal fit on your wrist.Furthermore, the nonadjustable band size of 22 mm is a good enough measurement for any age.

On the other hand, it only weighs 3.53 ounces. Thus, there won’t be any extremepressure on the side. 

·        Water-resistant 

If talking more about water protection, it can survive under 100 meters of water, which is also individually tested. I appreciate the feature since it shall be mandatory for adventures young people, who are the primary target market.

Best men watch
Best men watch

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Pros :

  • Lower price
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Outstanding battery
  • High built quality

Cons :

  • Only for youth

LuminoxLeatherBack Sea Turtle Giant 0333 – Final Verdict

At the end of the Luminox watch review, I would say, this Sea Turtle Giant 0333 is for those who still think they are energetic and trendy.That is the core brand appeal of Luminox. So, fellows, whether you want this for you or to gift someone, be assured, this deal-breaker get alike by everyone.

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